Cable TV Alternatives

I started looking at Cable TV alternatives due to my frustration with a consistently increasing cable TV bill. What I found is that I did not need to pay for cable TV at all, with a combination of HD TV, internet TV and streaming, or online movie downloads, I was able to assemble a better package than the cable company could offer at a much lower price. I have created this website to share my learnings with others who desire to move away from cable to the low cost HDTV world.

There are several cable television alternatives to consider which I will cover in more detail below. Starting with free options such as an HD TV antenna or connecting your TV to the internet to low cost options such as unlimited streaming movies for under $10 a month. Sports are also available with options to view all the games for your favorite sporting league.

The goal of this website is to provide you with information and knowledge on what the options are and how to go about implementing the choices you make. Each section provides information on what is available, how it compares to other options and what you will need to do to implement that option. I suggest you bookmark this website now. As you read through the options you will likely want to think about your viewing preferences and those of your family. You will likely come back to it several times while making your switch from cable TV.

Note, I have not forgotten Satellite TV as an alternative to cable TV, however Satellite has been around for some time and suffers from many of the same drawbacks cable does. I focused more on lower cost, lessor known options.

Free HD TV is a great cable TV alternative
Free HD TV is a reality, free, and works really well for some. I am able to get over 40 channels, however not everyone will be able to receive it or have the same results I do. See Free HD TV to learn more.

Watch TV On The Internet
Due to improving internet speeds, it is now possible to watch TV on the internet. And I am not talking about watching it in a small window on your computer, that is possible, but what I cover here is hooking your TV up to the internet so you can access the wealth of internet available TV programs and watch them on your TV.

Streaming Movies
Streaming movies to your TV has arrived, in fact this option is probably further developed then most people realize. I choose an option that offers over 15,000 movies to choose from, many in HD, and allows me to stream them to my TV, on demand, for under $10 a month. Learn more about that option as well as others in the Streaming Movies section.

Rent Movies Online
Years ago to renting a movie would mean going to the local store and hoping it was available. Now you can rent movies online for as little as a $1. There are many options to choose from. See the Rent Movies Online article.

Watch TV Shows Online
One of the easiest ways to to cancel cable is to watch TV shows online. Follow that link for all the details on where to find TV shows and movies. Watching online is one of the best cable TV alternatives.

Sporting alternatives to cable TV are an area you can really save some money. Many options are available including the same season passes that are available from the cable company however you do not incur the additional costs.